Ivanka Marie Trump Glamorous, Hot and sexy Business Woman

“She never lived in a building without her name on it.”

Nickname:The anti Paris
Birthname:Ivanka Marie Trump
Hometown:Manhattan, NY
Job:Fashion Model, Business Woman
Hobbies:getting surgeries she does not need
Vices:things that sparkle
Assets:Business savvy

Ivanka Trump was born in New York City to some well off parents. She went to some very prestigious private schools before enrolling in the University of Pennsylvania from which she graduated with honors and a degree in economics.
Life Story:
Her first taste of fame came as a fashion model, but it was probably her appearance in the documentary Born Rich (2003) that earned her more substantial recognition. Since then she has appeared on a number of television programs, usually as a host, a judge or simply as an interviewee. She has turned down offers to be “The Bachelorette” and a host on “The View.”
She dislikes the term heiress and the comparisons with Paris Hilton whom aside from being rich and blonde has little in common with her. She does not sing nor act, but rather, is actively involved in various businesses including her own boutiques which sell very expensive jewelry.

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